ODR Character Spotlight: A Wish and a Prayer

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Wishton Ackford is the narrator of The Order of the Dark Rose. His perspective regarding his adventures and investigations with his business partner, Manny, are important to the book. Let’s take a look at his character.

Wish is an unemployed copywriter, not a fighter, and certainly not a mage. In his world, not only is magic real, it is commonplace and used as technology. However he is often dismayed or unsettled by events involving magic. Such encounters as these are the unusual for him in his experiences because magic is more than technology and there are those willing to use it for nefarious purposes.

As a neophyte sidekick, Wish is not really that experienced with magic, nor does he have any practical knowledge. His understanding of magic is mainly informed by common technology. As such, he’s grown up with magic but really doesn’t know that much about it. Correlating back to reality, one may drive a car but know little of it’s technology. The same is true of electricity or computers. Deep knowledge isn’t required to make use of a car, electricity or computers and such is the case with Wish and magical technology.

Wish is very uncomfortable with spells and such being used around him because he doesn’t know what will happen. For this reason, he is often checking for his own magical weapon which doesn’t require any magical knowledge to use: a fleer gun.

This weapon, which operates off of a magical cell like most such technology in the book, provides Wish a fighting chance against powerful magic users. It is an equalizer for him, but only in a limited sense. An attacker or someone who intends harm can easily use other forms of magic on him such as a hex, dangerous elemental spells, and even charms. Because of this possibility, Wish often experiences a lot of anxiety in situations that could – or do – escalate into some sort of confrontation.

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Wish isn’t religious, but Manny is. However, the frequently awkward and dangerous situations in which Wish finds himself leaves him considering a prayer to get himself through difficulties.

Manny is well-educated about the use of magic. Wish can easily be caught off-balance by all kinds of spells and various forms of magic. A wand pointed at someone is like pointing a gun for you and I, except anything can happen.

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Investigations with Manny are not easy since Wish finds his business partner rather opaque as a tangential thinker. Their cases are even more fraught with uncertainty since they are usually after someone who has broken the law or is willing to do so. Fighting is not Wish’s forte so he’s often tense, anticipating negative events because he never knows what’s going to happen.

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Wish is kind of a Dr. Watson-like character, except he isn’t a veteran and he’s only trained as a writer, not a doctor. He learns some skills pertaining to the nature of magical investigations as the book progresses, but he’s still often off-balance while working from his wits and the slim experience he gains over the course of the book. His anxiety remains, and even builds, compounded by the growing understanding that his partner may well be the target of an unknown mastermind-nemesis.

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Wish increasingly finds himself caught up in events well beyond his abilities. His main resources are Manny and his experience as well as his Fleer gun. It all makes for a character observing events from a skewed perspective, caught between the fear of being penniless or dead, maybe worse if he ends up cursed like Manny.

I hope that lends a bit of insight into the narrator of The Order of the Dark Rose. You can find out more about the book on its page or click to any of the listed retail sites during this post.

Look for more posts like this one in the near future as I progress with the next volume in The Cursed Mage Case Files, The Unseen Hand.

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Why Wheel of Time Will be Better Than Game of Thrones

Hey everybody,

Today’s post is likely going to set off a debate, but I’m going to throw my thoughts out there anyway. Which is better The Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones (yes, I know the book series has a different title but Thrones is synonymous and a better series title)? Will Wheel of Time do better on the screen than Game of Thrones? My answer is The Wheel of Time (find all 14 books at Amazon) for both and here’s why:

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The Wheel of Time is progressing toward release on Amazon Prime. I’m looking forward to the series because I loved the books so much. The fantasy series by Robert Jordan (and finished by Brandon Sanderson) is one of my personal top 5 fantasy series. The world is intricate and the story is over the top epic. The completion of the series outlasted Robert Jordan (note to self: don’t start a long series and write it slowly – anything can happen).

It’s my opinion that this series will be far better than Game of Thrones. Why? It’s also my opinion that Wheel of Time was planned and written much better than GoT. To my mind, the books of Thrones (Originally A Song of Fire and Ice) meandered too much and we never had truly central characters. I could never get invested in the series. In fact, the HBO series finished the the story before the last book was written. Why was the screen version so popular? Aside from a lot of sex scenes, there was a lot of intrigue and self-interest – much like a soap opera. I know many people got into watching but it just never struck a chord with me.

Why do I think Wheel of Time will do better. When it comes to WoT, there’s no need to change the name. All the books are finished so the production company can write episode scripts to the very end and start filming. It’s more likely to keep continuity. Only the pandemic gets in the way and other epic real-life events.

Aside from those reasons, the writing is better and the series is more organized – if you are patient. Patience is a key for readers of these two fantasy series for different reasons. WoT is long. GoT never finished in a suitable time. Wheel has characters in which you are invested. I know a lot of people think that killing so many characters in Thrones was great and there’s a point to that. However, I think Jordan accomplished far more with his characters than Thrones.

I once asked on my Twitter feed which was better. I never even got replies from Thrones fans while Wheel fans weighed-in with very solid reasons. If you’ve never read Wheel, you may think that Thrones covers a lot of cultures, people and territory. Wheel covers far more without getting rid of the characters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that characters died with secrets and this caused turmoil in Thrones. It’s just that the same claims were made by other characters when warring over the throne of Westeros and that could have been done with Ned Stark for more than one book. With Wheel, everything is against Rand including himself. He has to forge relationships, alliances and discover secrets to his abilities with little help. Rand is constantly in a state of questioning any assistance that comes is way and runs through a series of approaches to achieving his goals. Meanwhile, it seems the fluid events of his world leave him constantly off balance as he must overcome his nemesis without losing himself and the world all over again.

Big task. Big events. Big backdrop. Lots of intrigue. Lots of self-interest. Lots of twists and turns. Getting to the end is so circuitous it’s hard to believe there is a satisfying conclusion. Thrones will seem askew by comparison for those who unfamiliar with Wheel. But WoT finishes with a large backdrop, lots of action and an end that makes sense to the reader.

One commenter to my Twitter question mentioned that he quit reading GoT books after the first one. Someone then told him that it got good by book four. He didn’t see the point in wading through three books that went nowhere. Each book of WoT has a point and takes you somewhere. Do you know what will happen, or do you know how a book fits? No, and that’s why you keep reading. However, you never feel like there’s no point and you don’t go so far and lose the story to other characters. The main characters keep surviving because of, well, fate, but you are always in grounded in the series without being set adrift.

So that’s my take on GoT versus WoT. I’m even thinking about re-reading the series as refresher. With so many books that could take a while since they take up most of a bookshelf on their own. But I always thought the series was worth reading in its entirety. I can say that, just as Lord of the Rings fans are loyal, Wheel of Time fans are very loyal. In fact, there are many loyal fans of Pern and other fantasy series which lie untapped by all the various production companies and many of these fantasy series from decades past will do very well on-screen.

Now it’s your turn. If you’ve read both series which one to do you favor and why? Do you think Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime will fare even better than Game of Thrones? Feel free to share your thoughts and answers, even debate away with each other. Thanks for reading this post today. Please share and reblog as you will and poke around the site some.

Sales & Blog Announcement

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Just a few quick announcements today:

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