4 thoughts on “What are you writing – Crime, Horror or Suspense? Infographic…

  1. That’s a clean way to try to break the genre topics up. For some books, those descriptions may work. I have to say that my books have traits from all three categories and don’t fit the separate molds you’ve discussed. My books are a true crime mystery with the paranormal included, which adds a suspense element. You do see one of the murders at the beginning actually happen, but you aren’t sure who is responsible. You also anticipate the deaths of others in a suspenseful way, however not all of the deaths are shown. You don’t find out who the killer is for sure until the end of book 2. The first is the “What” book of the series and the second is the “Who.” You don’t find out all the answers, such as what started the entire sequence of events, until you read the upcoming third book in the series, which is the “Why” book of the trilogy. Mine would be called a paranormal murder mystery suspense thriller with a touch of horror in there also.

    1. Yes, the sub-genres discussed today get broken down so thinly that it often makes it hard to sort them definitively. I have the same problem with my fantasy. Is it high or epic fantasy? But it’s good to think it through. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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