Friday Fiction Prompt

It’s a writing prompt today on Story Empire. Have a look and consider what you can write and share back to the post in the comments.

Story Empire

Read Across AmericaCiao, SEers. Time for another Friday Fiction Prompt.

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. He was (and still is) one of my favorite authors. His sense of fantasy and whimsy is unparalleled, and his ability to include lessons in his messages made his work both enjoyable and educational.

Every year, “Read Across America” day is celebrated on March 2 in his honor.

Today, I’d like to present this quote by him, not from his published stories, but spoken by him when asked about his life and works.

Dr. Seuss Quote
This is supposed to be a prompt-post. So here’s my prompt for you:

Write a piece of fiction inspired by a limited and focused view. Examples include (but aren’t limited to) writing about something observed when peering through:

  • a telescope
  • a microscope
  • a keyhole
  • fence pickets
  • window blinds
  • hotel door peephole
  • bushes/leaves

Write your story on your blog and put your link in the…

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