This is a good list of five books. I’ve only gotten to read Into the Wyld which was a lot of fun.


Today, the guys in the Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday group have an interesting topic, one which is straight forward and to the point: “Ideal Mash-Ups — You know those comp titles they list in synopses that read something like “perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones”! What would be some of your favorite mash ups, that would make you pick up a book? “A mix of ________ and ___________.

To be honest, I’ve become a bit suspicious whenever books are advertised like this.  Guess I’ve purchased too many loser books which were suppose to be a mixture of Tolkien and Game of Thrones.  But I can certainly list a few mash-ups which would excite me enough to take a longer look at a novel.

kings-of-the-wyld5. George R.R. Martin meets Terry Pratchett!

Think of it: jokes, cleverness, and still enough violence and blood to satisfy even…

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