Wow! Very thoughtful post from Bookwraiths about the state of SFF. Personally, I read for the entertainment so if I run across something heavy-handed it turns me off. When I write, I try to keep it entertaining and avoid devolving into agenda-based proselytizing. I always want to keep it professional at all times. I think it’s important to keep focused on SFF being entertainment and fun rather than everyday issues. I read and write to get away from issues of the day though such topics can be woven into the plot when necessary (and only that). Everything else just becomes disingenuous to readers. Well said, BW!

Toxic Tuesdays

For those of us who reside in the USA, it goes without saying that we are bombarded with some damn serious toxicity every day.  TV.  Film. Music. Social media.  They all feature a lot of pissed off people who seriously want to Punch Nazis or Trebuchet SJWs.  And while I wish I could say SFF fandom has been immune from this plague, it hasn’t been.

From the Rabid Puppies to the WorldCon scandal to author’s calling their fans names on social media, we have had our own fair share of discord and drama running rampant for a while now.  Non-fandom issues permeating the once hallowed halls of fun entertainment, fragmenting the fans, turning what was once a place of acceptance into yet another place to fight over socio-political issues.

When I complain to friends that the toxicity in SFF is causing me to loose my interest in many of my favorite…

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