Your Magic Garden

Harmony Ken to shares today on Story Empire a fun way to relate different writing in a world, even in blog posts.

Story Empire

Hello SErs. Harmony here. Have any of you heard of a walled garden for fiction? I hadn’t until last year. And once I saw it in one place, I came across it in a whole load of other places. Other names it goes by are Magic Garden and Secret Garden. With my current WIP, I created a whole new world based on settled space and realised I could use this idea for lots of other books and short stories. That would be my secret garden.

A walled garden is a body of work you build that shares themes, tone, structure, and word building.

Why does your garden need a wall around it?

Because this will become your secret playground. A safe place for your muse to hang out and have fun. … Without having to build a whole new world, etc., every time you start something new. It’s something that’s…

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