How to Hone Your Elevator Pitch

Want to take the elevator as an author. Learn to pitch your work and I prove you chances with more opportunities. Read about it on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Me-me-me-me. Uh-hmmm. Since I’m warmed up, here’s my best singing demonstration. April fool’s joke, Story Empire readers, I’m not going to show off my singing pitch today (I hear those cheers to escape that fiasco and they are well-taken). Nor am I going to demonstrate my best baseball pitch. No, today, I’m discussing honing a pitch for your work, yes, the old elevator pitch where you try to make the sale to an editor in a minimum number of words.

Many of our readers are self-published, some are hybrid authors and some are working at being traditionally published. Regardless of the type of author you are, you should know about pitching your story to an editor, agent or other industry representative. You just never know when you will have the opportunity arise and it’s good to keep something in your back pocket rather than miss out.

I recently had such…

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