Is Cursive Dead?

My wife was just making the point that some of the same points and more all because the teaching has gotten well off the concept of learning in favor of making test scores. Computer skills and penmanship both have value. My daughter had to use her handwriting skills to sign her taxes and addressing an envelope because they couldn’t be e-filed. I still write notes for myself but it’s messy since I don’t use it enough. Still handy to have the skill and read it when necessary. BTW, my wife is a teacher…

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! It’s another Mae Day on Story Empire.  I’m going to stray a bit from the usual path to talk about…writing. Confused? Then let me explain. I’m going to show my age by revealing that when I went to grade school we had penmanship classes.

Cursive alphabet written on a school blackboard

I remember sitting at my desk in fourth grade and practicing penmanship loops. I also remember teachers of the time being insistent handwriting must have a forward slant. That was bad news for me, because although I’m right-handed, I wrote with a distinctive backward slant. So every class, the teacher would yank out her ruler and crack my hands. Stupid, right? Did it change things?

Very little.

Eventually, after a few years, I did lose most of that backward slant but never did learn how to write with a forward slant. These days when I use cursive writing—which unless I’m signing my name—is non-existent…

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