Book Cover Friday: Music of The Deep

Story Empire’s Joan Hall shares her thoughts on a book cover. Audiobooks often have an enhanced cover quality and detail, the latter because they are bigger.

Story Empire

Hi, SE Readers. Joan here today for this month’s Book Cover Friday. This time I The Music of the Deep by Elizabeth Hall (no relation). It was my first time to read this author, but the title and the cover drew me in.

However, when searching for a graphic to use for this post, the eBook version was small, so I looked for other editions. The paperback version gave me the size I wanted, but then I noticed differences. Let’s look.

First, is the eBook cover. Notice the clarity and brightness. The contrasting color used in the title makes text stands out.

To me the fog enhances the appeal of the cover, even though it causes part of the text to appear a bit blurry.  But that’s the effect the author was going for. Immediately, I think of something ghostly or sinister.

The author’s name is done in a different…

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