How to Set Project Targets in Scrivener

Stay on target in Scrivener. Find out how with Harmony Kent’s post on Story Empire today.

Story Empire

Hello SErs. Harmony here. While P H Solomon is our resident expert on all things Scrivener, today I’d like to share a tool that I came across earlier this year, and it has made such a difference to me. … Also, it stops my work area looking like the the picture to the left! LOL.

It’s such a simple tool, which lets you set and see your project targets in one neat little box. To show you what I’m talking about, here’s a screenshot from my WIP  …

As you can see, this sample is first draft and needs tweaking, but true to my commitment to not doing any editing or amending until the revision stage, this stays as it is while it’s still a work in progress. 🙂

At a glance, this tool shows me my overall word count, my tally for the current writing session, and how many…

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