How to Track a Scrivener Project with Meta-Data

Moving on with a Scrivener how-to post from yesterday on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Happy Monday to all the Story Empire readers. PH here today with another Scrivener tip that may help you with a writing project – tracking your WIP with meta-data.

I’ve written about the Inspector a number of times in the past. Just to re-cap, the Inspector is the bar on the right side of the editor. If you want to find out more about the Inspector, here’s a quick tour. You can use features in this handy toolbar such as the Scratchpad 0r Document References.

Once turned on, the Inspector allows you to work with various forms of meta-data in your project. What’s meta-data? In short, it’s extra information, but for today’s post, let’s expand that to: a way of making comments about your work for tracking purposes. Examples are the synopsis, document notes, document references, keywords, snapshots and comments & footnotes. But there are a few more…

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