Friday Writing Question

Story Empire’s Friday question from Harmony Kent. I notice a lot more than I used to, but I’ve always noticed these even in old newspapers when those are still a thing. Typing from the phone so this comment likely has one stuck in it

Story Empire

Hello SErs. Harmony here for another Friday Writing Question. After years of reading books and enjoying so many different authors, I then began writing and publishing for myself. At some point, I re-read some of my old favourite books. And therein lies today’s question …

Can you ignore technical issues in a novel if the story is a great one?

For me, it often feels as if becoming a published writer–and going through a huge learning curve in the process–has spoilt me (to a degree) as a reader. These days, I find it incredibly difficult to ignore spelling and grammatical errors, especially if they abound. One or two are fine, of course, but too regular an occurrence, and I usually don’t manage to finish the read. I’ve seen some real gems of a book that have been ruined by a lack of basic proofreading. And that includes traditionally published famous…

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