Expansion Pack: Character Archetypes + a trick

Fantastic post about character development by C. S. Boyack at Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hi gang. Craig here with you again. Last year sometime, I wrote a series here about The Hero’s Journey. This is a link to PART ONE.

Then I went on to write several Expansion Packs. Those are easy enough to find by using the search function at the very bottom of our page. I’m not giving you a link, because they cover a broad spectrum of topics related to story structure. Just enter “Expansion Pack” and go.

Back when Joseph Campbell came up with all this, he included a repeating cast of characters from the most popular stories. These are a level above the stock characters I posted about this Fall. These character archetypes  are what we’re delving into today. I’m going to stay brief on them, because I promised you a trick. away we go…

The Hero: This is your main character. Choose well, because this person is…

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