Presentations, Book Signings, Book Clubs

Handling book events over on Story Empire today with Mae Clair. I’m trying to get into some events this year for the fun of it as my three current books go into print. Thanks for the info today, Mae.

Story Empire

Hi, SE readers! It’s Mae Day on Story Empire, and I’m delighted you dropped in for a visit. Whether you’ve written a book/books or are in the process of writing one,there will likely be a point when you want to take part in a presentation, book signing, or book club. Let’s take a quick look at all three.

Two black portfolios with business card slots in the front. Business cards for author Mae Clair in slotsSomeone has invited you to speak about your book or a topic related to your book. Presentations require the most preparation, because—let’s face it—it’s all about you speaking to an audience. Your presentation might be short (ten to fifteen minutes) or much longer, depending on your material.

Did you know many local organizations often search for guest speakers? Your topic doesn’t necessarily have to tie into the basis of the organization. As an example, I’ve given presentations on the Mothman to both a historical society and a women’s group. Check around…

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