Room for Both: ebooks and Print Books

Ebook, definitely ebook. How about you? Read the pot on Story Empire by Mae Clair.

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! It’s another Mae Day in May 🙂

Back in the late 1970s, Miller introduced their lite beer with a series of commercials dividing fans into two camps. One side championed “tastes great.” The other side loved it because it was “less filling.” The ads featured a roster of athletes and celebrities, done with tongue in cheek humor. You might remember some of these commercials with Bubba Smith, Rodney Dangerfield, Mickey Spillane, Billy Martin, and George Steinbrenner to name a few.

So why am I bringing up a beer commercial on a writing blog?

Books can also fall into two camps:  Ebooks and Print

Do you remember when ebooks were predicted to bury print? As in six-feet-under, dead-as-a-door nail? Predictions aren’t always spot on. Just for fun, I dug up a few I thought were interesting:

“It doesn’t matter what he does, he will never amount to anything.”

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