Confused about work usage? Here are a few highlighted words in this post Marcia Meara on Story Empire. This post should clear up usage of a few words.

Story Empire

Every now and then as I’m reading, I see a word that pops out at me as being misused, and by that, I mean the writer didn’t understand the correct definition of the word. Let me say right up front, I’m not an English teacher, nor a grammarian, but sometimes, it’s pretty obvious that what was actually written was not what the author meant.  

This happens to all of us from time to time, but we should strive to do better, right? With that thought in mind, today I’d like to address both a single word that gets misused more often than you’d expect, and a pair of words that are frequently confused with each other.

The first word of the day is opaque. Believe it or not, I see this word being misused fairly often. For instance, “She gazed at the rose garden through the opaque windows…

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