Dialogue Tags and You

I try to avoid as many verb tags as possible and let other actions tagged to the character enhance action and anchor context. You can tell if it works while editing if you’re reading with pace or not. Good post today.

Story Empire

Hello SEers. It’s John with you again, and today we are going to discuss dialogue tags.

Dialogue tags Photo from Pixabay

Hold on. Before you run off or decide to take a nap give me a moment to introduce the subject.

Dialogue tags Photo by Pixabay

We all know dialogue tags are intended to make it very clear who is doing the talking. Especially if there are more than two people involved.

Dialogue Tags Photo by Pixabay

Many authors also use dialogue tags for emotions or other indications about how the words are delivered. There is nothing wrong with this but the chance of overdoing it to a point of complicating the action and confusing the reader is always present.

Dialogue tags Photo by Pixabay

So, what do I want to accomplish today? My objective is simple. I want to cause a little thought about dialogue tags. “Yes, the person with the raised hand. You have a question?” “Why…

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