Clash of Empires – Daenerys vs Westeros (conventional forces)

This site breaks down military as used in fantasy. Quite a different look at the genre.

Fantasy Core


This post will focus on a war between Aegon and Daenerys. It will include only conventional forces that both will have – thus, no dragons and no magic.

Aegon is certain to have Golden Company as his core force. This includes 1 000 heavy cavalry, 1 000 archers, 8 000 pikemen and 24 elephants. They are mercenaries, who want to win with least casualties, and can thus be assumed to be disciplined and tactically innovative. Their discipline will also mean that they may treat civilians better than average Westerosi soldier would.

Daenerys’ core force will be Unsullied, sellswords and Dothraki. Unsullied would number 8 000 trained and 5 000 untrained troops, thus clearly being counterparts of Golden Company’s pikemen. They are however trained with spear, shield and shortsword.

Daenerys had been using Unsullied as guards and police force for much of her stay in Meereen. Thus, unless she manages…

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