Review – Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

It’s an old books but it’s a good. I personally like Speaker for the Dead even better.

Zealot Script

There is something about this book that manages to transcend being just a great story and manages to reach out and touch the reader.

The great “classic” works of speculative fiction, think Lord of the Rings or Dune, impress the reader with grand visions of alien and fantastical worlds. Transporting you from your own world into the author’s vision, leaving you stunned by the vastness of their creation.

Ender’s Game does none of this. But it reaches the even more elusive goal of an author buy reaching inside the reader and connecting to something deep inside.

Let’s ignore the science fiction setting for a moment. This book is about children, young, gifted children torn away from their homes and given a much greater purpose. It’s about fighting against unfair, insurmountable odds just to prove that you can. It’s about dealing with the hopelessness of losing one’s agency and forced to…

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