Gaining readers through writing short stories #amwriting

We all want to gain readers. How do you, as an indie, get your name out there and gain awareness of your work? You earn your “street creds” by writing short stories and submitting them to magazines, anthologies, and contests. Every time your short work is published or wins an award, you gain a little […]

Gaining readers through writing short stories #amwriting

This details some writing process for readers, just in a smaller scale. It’s really informative.


      1. That particular story was a finalist for the contest I submitted it to, but didn’t make the final cut , although the judges’ comments were nice. (The winning story was awesome and featured dragons.) I like to use it as an example because the length was really strict, and it did make it into the top six. I haven’t found a good home for it, so it may end up in a collection with some other short fantasy stories I have laying around.

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