The Faithful and the Fallen Series Review

“Both the brave man and the coward feel the same. The only difference between them is that the brave man faces his fear, does not run.” – Malice The Faithful and the Fallen Series Review – Spoiler Free For the longest time, whenever I took my regular browsing stroll through the Fantasy section of my […]

The Faithful and the Fallen Series Review

An adrenaline ride, interesting review…

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  1. I read the entire series of The Faithful and The Fallen. Man it was a great series and one that I wish more fantasy readers would check out. I think Ruin was my favorite because the battle was so epic. The only problem I had with it was how the last book ended. The main protagonist kind of… wins, I guess? But nothing really gets accomplished. I am reading his 100 years later series Of Blood and Bone but it’s taking me a lot to get into it.

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