Newsletter Notes: Look Ma! I Can Juggle, Sorta…

It’s been a strangely hectic year so far. Here’s why…

I was recently watching a re-run of a sit-com and one of the characters twice walked between jugglers tossing bowling pins between them. It was funny, but it left me with a reminder of how oddly busy this year has been so far. You start out January with goals, especially as a writer, but life wrecks all those plans and you feel like your juggling far more than you can handle. There have been health issues, a steady stream of broken things to fix (seriously, it’s been several things every month so far), and then there’s writing.

Sometimes, I’ve been so distracted it’s been hard to get anything done for days. The Unseen Hand revision has languished as my head has been “swimming” over the variety of issues to address. My personal appointments keep me going and it’s hard to retain focus a lot of days. However, I’m still making progress even if it’s sporadic at times. But sometimes, I default to reading for a variety of reasons whether is fiction or non-fiction, usually just to rest my confused head. But that’s another story.

I’ve been so busy, I looked up and March was gone and April speeding by. Here are a some writing activities I’m juggling:

Marston’s Station:

When and why do you find yourself reading? Join my private group on Goodreads and discuss your answers in the Newsletter Questions folder. I’m also trying to add a few threads about developments with Archer’s Aim.

News about The Unseen Hand:

My progress is up and down due to lingering health concerns and the time it takes to manage the issues. In summary, the “brain fog” seems to create some odd neurological issues which have been discussed with my doctor. The treatment instructions are garden-variety due to lack of information. Input-output activity can easily tax the brain’s executive functions and physical activity can exacerbate the problem. How long this condition lasts is unknown – some people are over it rather quickly, mine is lingering. Regardless, I muddle along with writing and shifting to less taxing tasks as needed. All those oddities slow down revision and is the reason this post .

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All that being said, I’m pushing forward the best I can and hope to decide on a release date soon. There are still some free review copies available when the book is ready so let me know if you want one and I’ll add you to my list. Incidentally, I’m still offering some free remaining e-book copies of The Order of the Dark Rose – contact me if you are interested in one. If I am able to land on a release date, I’ll post that in a special announcement.

Regarding special announcements

I’d like to move those into text format as much as possible so, with that in mind, I’ve started a text subscription since it’s faster and less time-consuming to read. If you’re interested, here’s the sign-up.

In other news

I’m developing series companions which will cover a wide range of background information about books in The Bow of Hart Saga and The Cursed Mage Case Files. Aside from reading, I find that working on these can be therapeutic when I’m not feeling well. I have a small one out for The Cursed Mage Case Files named Magic Gadgets, but I want to expand it. Of course this is a sidebar project and won’t be completed that soon, but if you want the current version, it is available to you via Bookfunnel at this link with newsletter subscription.

A Few Final Notes

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there have been a few new items added on the Archer’s Aim Press Store over the last few months (there’s also a 15% coupon – SPRING15 until 4/30/2022). I’m also considering creating some unique digital items for the NFT market as well as looking into 3-D figures if you are interested in either one of these.

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I hope to be back sooner with more news about The Unseen Hand, another fun development, and other news from Archer’s Aim.

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Thanks for reading as usual. Please share this email with fellow fantasy fans. Let me know if you are interested in a free review copy of The Order of the Dark Rose as well as one for early reviews of The Unseen Hand. There are only 25 free copies available so don’t hesitate if you are interested.


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