Cover Overhaul for The Order of the Dark Rose?

You be the judge of these covers for The Order of the Dark Rose

I’ve been taking a long hard look at things lately with The Cursed Mage Case Files. Sales have been pretty good, but there still seems to be something of a disconnect with readers. .With that in mind, I’m looking for the cause of any problems where readers might not connect with the current book.

First on the list is the cover. Today, you get to help choose whether the cover should be changed by voting in the poll at the end. Click your favorite and let me know:

#1 – The Original

#2 – The Print Variation – this is one based on a print variation that I never used:

#3 – Bright Gold Panels – just playing around with the colors, not the artwork:

#4 – Rose Panels – my wife prefers this one as a rose theme:

Please feel free to share this around. The more votes and interaction there is with the post, the better I understand reader preferences. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Cover Overhaul for The Order of the Dark Rose?

  1. I went for the original. It was close with the gold, because it pops out at thumbnail size. Number 2 doesn’t feature the rose graphic, which could carry across a series.

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