Read Wyldling Snare by AR Grimes @ARGrimes1 #EpicFantasy #SwordsandSorcery #PHSolomonBlog

Read Wyldling Snare by AR Grimes @ARGrimes1 #EpicFantasy #SwordsandSorcery #PHSolomonBlog

Title Of Book: Wyldling Snare (Wyldling Dream Book 1)
By: AR Grimes
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Coming of Age, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Swords & Sorcery

“Seek justice, show mercy, and walk humbly with Lord Yshua.”

These words are the last bit of wisdom Enoch’s guardian, the Baron-Knight of the Northern Marches, speaks before the youth departs on a journey. Upon Enoch’s return, he finds his beloved guardian dead, three friends missing, the new baron-knight disappeared while in search of them, and himself thrust into leadership before he’s ready. Enoch is determined to succeed where the new baron-knight failed: he must find his friends. When the trail–and his dreams–leads him deep into the Darkenwood Forest, Enoch discovers the forbidden wood harbors a long-hidden secret that offers some comfort in his grief. But will this secret also be his downfall?

Reading of adventure in fantastical places, Annabelle yearns to escape the dreary, snow-shrouded prison of a Wisconsin February and visit the world of the young knight from her dreams. Once she meets the knight and learns he’s real, she hopes the rest of her dream will soon come true. However, danger stalks her new friend and obstacles threaten to keep them apart. Can Annabelle find her way to his world before it’s too late for both of them?

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – ” A fast-paced suspense fantasy with amusing moments and twists.”

5 Stars – “This is a dynamic story from the very beginning.”

5 Stars – “This book had me at every turn.”

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5 Stars – “An awesome action-packed adventure!”

5 Stars – “The worldbuilding is intriguing.”


Meet AR Grimes:

Born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, A.R. Grimes began her writing career with “books” about dinosaurs in the second grade but moved on to writing fantasy after reading J.R.R. Tolkien and Madeleine L’Engle. The literary magazine of her alma mater, Carroll College, published her poems and short stories (Century Magazine, 1998-2001), and two of her works won awards. She is married to a martial arts enthusiast, they have two male offspring, and share a house with two cats who–of course–are the true overlords.

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