Read Cupids Arrow by Sophia Alessandrini @starmaiden9 #EpicFantasy #Urban #Superhero #PHSolomonBlog

Read Cupids Arrow by Sophia Alessandrini @starmaiden9 #EpicFantasy #Urban #Superhero #PHSolomonBlog

Read Cupids Arrow by Sophia Alessandrini @starmaiden9 #EpicFantasy #Urban #Superhero #PHSolomonBlog

Title Of Book: Cupid’s Arrow (Legends of Astraea Book 1)
By: Sophia Alessandrini
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Coming of Age, Greek & Roman, Magical Realism, Myths & Legends, Superhero Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Can the power of love save the world?

Ailie, a gutsy girl who possesses a sharp wit and a playful, irreverent voice that pairs well with that of her best friend’s, a werewolf; embarks on a quest for revenge with the help of her psychotic, warmongering, and good-hearted legal guardianShe alone can open the gates of hell just like Pandora did when she opened the jar that contained all evils.

And evil wants those doors open.
Fallen Angels conspire to help her with Cupid’s Golden Arrow.

She finds herself in a whimsical world of myths, legends, glittering gowns, priceless jewels, life-threatening enemies, and eccentric immortals that call themselves Strzyga.

However, there are side effects to the arrow. What’s not to like about a gorgeous, two-hundred-year-old Strzyga prince who is totally and completely head over heels for her?

But things never go as planned, do they?

Will Ailie manage to save the world, or will she accidentally open the gates of hell?

“Well, don’t take it the wrong way, but I hate being special,” I told him, feeling somewhat deflated. The whole point of my existence had been to hide “how special” I was. Nothing good ever came from it. “I just want to be a regular girl, maybe fall in love, have a pet, a family one day.” His neck stiffened, and he shook his head.

“Is that what you really want? Or is that something those silly nuns have made you think you should want?” I wanted to tell him those were my ideas and mine alone. If it was up to Mother Clarisse, I would never leave St. Mary’s.

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“But—” He pressed one of his golden claws over my lips. “You can do amazing things you don’t even know about yet. How can you know that you want a normal life if you don’t know yet what you’re capable of?” He paused, looking straight into my eyes. “You will do things, great things the world has yet to see. Show them you are superior to them.” I gasped. I was not ready for his sight into this imaginary future..

“Wouldn’t that be conceited and narcissistic?” I asked him. He cleared his throat, letting his mouth lie in a thin morbid line as he straightened his shirt collar.

“Sweet pea, I promise you, you will enjoy putting the world on its knees. I assure you, they will respect you ever and ever after,”

“But then they wouldn’t love me,” I said.

“Love?” He laughed. “Love is overrated. Now, respect is something they will respond to, inferior little humans that they are.”

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “More than a page-turner, this is a wild ride!”

5 Stars – “Thrilling, fast-paced, coming-of-age epic that includes ancient civilizations, primordial beings, passionate vampires, werewolves and legendary royal immortals.”

5 Stars – “This is a story about friendship, loyalty, trust, perseverance, and essentially the power of love.”

5 Stars – “Vivid descriptions, humor, and pathos bring the story alive from beginning to end.”

5 Stars – “I was rooted from start to finish.”


Meet Sophia Alessandrini:

Sophia Alessandrini is a cum laude BS graduate in Mathematical Physics and a degree in International Relations. She studied and traveled all over Europe, always fantasizing about the middle ages, dragons, ghosts, and fairies. For fun, she wrote short stories to read to her sister and young cousins during Christmas family gatherings. When she returned to America and discovered cooking, she became a Chef. However, stories were always popping in her head all the time, making her realize that her first love was writing. She resides in sunny Southern California and enjoys walks on the beach at sunrise, collecting seashells and beach glass, and always wondering about mermaids. She loves anything cute with little four legs, including frogs, (although she avoids the kissing part) and iguanas, that she names after green food items when they show up at her doorstep. When she escapes into the magic of the California forests, Sophia ponders about the existence of elementals, fairies, werewolves, and BigFoot. A geek at heart with an odd fascination for Chinese Kung Fu movies, Star Wars, and Vampire TV shows, plotting a way to time travel to the middle ages, meet dragons, talk to ghosts, and perhaps become a Ninja with pink hair like a forest fairy. Her books keep her readers on their toes with her adrenaline-fueled adventures, suspense-filled cliffhangers, and romantic whimsical scenes. You will find her sitting down with a book in hand, hiding in corner of the nearest coffee shop when she isn’t writing

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