Read Stormfire by Jasmine Young @jasmineyoungauthor #EpicFantasy #SwordsandSorcery #Fantasy #PHSolomonBlog

Read Stormfire by Jasmine Young @jasmineyoungauthor #EpicFantasy #SwordsandSorcery #Fantasy #PHSolomonBlog

Read Stormfire by Jasmine Young @jasmineyoungauthor #EpicFantasy #SwordsandSorcery #Fantasy #PHSolomonBlog

Title Of Book: Stormfire (Four Kingdoms: Origins Book 1))
By: Jasmine Young
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: High Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery

In the final hour, a high realm must rest its hope on one crippled boy.

The Air Sages were once greater than even the dragons of eld. Now that they have perished, war and terrors blight the land.

A fourteen-year-old boy, branded a cripple for his asthma, dreams only of escaping his servitude on the chilly alps. But when royal soldiers arrive and execute his brother for treason, Jamian Pappas is thrust headlong into a destiny beyond what he could ever imagine…

The crown has discovered he is a Sage, the last of his kind. Jaime enters a deadly race to master the forgotten art of the elements – and defeat the corrupt Sage who sits on the throne.

An ancient evil is mounting in the shadow. His true enemies are not who they seem. For beings of the Old World lurk in the night, manipulating, plotting, and hungering for the last Sageflesh…

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “Imaginative, engaging, and well written.”

5 Stars – “A thrilling fantasy world that sucks you in and spits you out wanting more.”

5 Stars – “Young is a master author. I love her world-building and the rich details she gives.”

5 Stars – “Great storyline! Well-developed characters with a very exciting and enticing journey.”

5 Stars – “Full of courage, tragedy, deceit, and friendship.”


Meet Jasmine Young:

It all began with Eragon. Thirteen-year-old Jasmine was so shy and chronically anxious, she decided she’d rather go hungry hiding out with a good fantasy book than get caught sitting alone in the cafeteria. The day Jasmine found Eragon on the upper shelf of her school library, her life changed forever.​ Not only did she devour that book within a few days on grandma’s couch, it started her own journey of becoming an epic fantasy author (with early books being a total spinoff of Eragon. Oh, thirteen-year-old Jasmine.)​ Today, in between doting on turtles, bathing in Florida sunshine, and tending to her complicated relationship with Al (almond butter), Jasmine writes epic fantasy to entertain and empower, especially the young underdogs.

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