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Title Of Book: Prisoner of The Memory Labyrinth (Demonheart Book 7)
By: JJ Egosi
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Gaslamp, Myths & Legends


If curiosity could kill…, Alexander Grimlock would be the most prolific murderer the city of Elandor has ever seen.

A witch doctor cast out from society for his veneration of the paranormal seeks to understand the numerous supernatural races that inhabit his world. No cost is too great. Not even his own life!

What treacheries lay ahead on his road to clarity? Is there a deal too steep or is it merely a matter of finding the right price?

Grimlock Tales is a macabre assortment of horror stories gathered for your convenience. Readers will find nightmares lurking in every corner, a lethal sense of intrigue with no sign of wilting, and the lord of all beasts facing you at the end of the misbegotten alleyway with a smile. Enter if you dare.

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Meet JJ Egosi:

Hi, and welcome! J.J. Egosi here. I’m a dark fantasy writer with a penchant for crafting tales centered around mythology, a myriad of settings, and demons. I’ve been told my stories can be a little simplistic and too punchy for most’s taste, but if you’re looking for a fun and quick read, you’ve come to the right place 😀 Demonheart began with a very bleak and surreal dream from 6 years ago. A man lost his organs and had to scour the medieval world in search of them. All with the help of one friend. After reworking the themes a bit to make them more sensical and less disturbing, the idea for the first book was born. I’ve been transcribing this series and many other works have been onto the literary canvas ever since. Don’t miss out on future updates by signing up for my newsletter. #Darkfantasy #Demonheart #Magic #witchcraft #DemonsandAngels #Grimdark #LitRPG

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The Book
She avenged the fallen. Rebelled against an empire. Commanded a titan itself. Now Leiyn must win a war against death incarnate.
Oathbound to a deceased shaman, the ranger Leiyn ventures north with her comrades to fight alongside the Gasts in their ancestral war.
But this enemy is like none other Leiyn has faced. Ancient and malevolent, the very world bends to their dominion.
To overcome them, she seeks to rediscover a secret lost to time. A magic even dryvans fear.
The true power of titans.
Leiyn must prevail, for the Gasts’ war reaches far beyond the Veiled Lands. Should she falter now, the Gast nation shall fall, and all of Unera will soon follow.

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