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Sales & Blog Announcement

Hey everyone,

Just a few quick announcements today:

  • My latest book, The Order of the Dark Rose has been out for several months and on sale at $0.99 most of the time on Amazon. This sale will continue until the end of this month at which time the price will increase to $1.99 thru 3/15/21. After that date, the price will go to it’s regular price of $3.99. it’s a good time to get a highly rated book at a nice price.
  • For those who have  read The Order of the Dark Rose, please take a few moments to rate it or write a review.
  • In other news, The Order of the Dark Rose print edition should arrive during April.

  • Also, The Bow of Destiny remains on sale at $0.99. It’s still a good time to begin a highly rated epic fantasy series at a low price.

  • Regarding the blog schedule, I’ve settled posting on Mondays with semi-regular posts on Thursdays. Otherwise, special announcements will appear as needed and reblogs will be shared regularly based on my interest.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular post. Thanks for your time and you are welcome to share this post as you like.

How a Recent Read Affects My Writing Plans

Hi everybody,

Wrath of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder, #2) by Brian McClellanWith a bit of time on leave, I’ve been catching up on my reading at night. One of the books I finished was by Brian McClellan, entitled Wrath of Empire which rounded out his second powder mage series. Over the last several years, I’ve enjoyed reading a number of different fantasy books. One of those authors is Brian McClellan’s books about powder mages, including this one:

All of his books are well-constructed with characters struggling with their present and past. It has several sub-plots, two involving more military fantasy and one an espionage fantasy. The shifts between characters and the type of fantasy is seamless and offers variations of character perspective. Shifting circumstances and actions often lead the characters to change their own plans as would anyone in real life.

I’m interested in writing more sub-plots into my books as the stories allow so this series offered some instruction for me about how to approach them. Likewise, it offered an excellent example of shifting between sub-genre effectively. It leads to some complex plotting between the POV characters, something which was required with the end of my own book, The White Arrow which wrapped up The Bow of Hart Saga. However, I was still writing within epic fantasy. Now, I’m inspired to create a story which shifts between such differing sub-genres as military and espionage while using POV characters as the distinction.

Additionally, McClellan’s series leads me to consider doing a more military fantasy someday. My newest series, The Cursed Mage Case Files is something of a gaslamp fantasy but also uses elements of such sub-fantasy genres as mystery, detective and espionage in varying degrees so I’ve already begun to dabble in other fantasy forms. I will continue to write in more variation of fantasy with each new series. As an example, the upcoming opening novel of the loosely titled Black Glove Chronicles is a western fantasy (maybe sagebrush fantasy?). However, I do intend to return to the more traditional epic fantasy again with the sequel series to The Bow of Hart Saga and the planned bridge series, Empire’s Deception. All three are referenced in last weeks post about upcoming titles.

By the way, I rated Wrath of Empire a 5-star read so give McClellan’s books a look if you’re interested. Thanks for stopping by today and pleased feel free to share or re-blog this post.

Of Withlings and Dualism: The Basis of Conflict in The Bow of Hart Saga


The Bow of Destiny depicts conflict between good and evil as is common in epic fantasy. But what is not specifically in the series to this point is the basis of the conflict. While my prequel short story, What Is Needed, shows something of the conflict in the demise of most of the mystic order of Withlings, the conflict is much older. But to better grasp this history for the book, an understanding of Withlings is necessary which introduces basic viewpoints of characters – including those who hold greater power in the world of Denaria.

Withlings are mystics who worship and serve the deity of Eloch. By the practice of their faith, Withlings are able to perform miracles such as healing, move from place to place or utter very accurate prophecies. These are but a few examples of Withlings’ abilities but these are not dependent upon their inherent powers but those of Eloch. The frequent saying among Withlings is, “What is needed is given.” This means that they trust Eloch implicitly to provide what they need at any moment which can include miraculous actions. Often, Withlings will speak – or not – based on their sense of what Eloch wants them to do.

So, Withlings must practice mystical ability to “be with” Eloch in order to know what they must do. Withlings consider this a form of “listening” and it becomes the basis of their life. Sometimes, they may know much but be withheld from taking any action, something very hard to do and a reason they practice mystic discipline.

To Withlings, there is only Eloch as the true deity and it seems to be so. However, there is also the dragon Magdronu. What does not come into this series are the details of how Magdronu came into conflict with Eloch and how he got the worst end of that conflict to be cursed into the form of a dragon.

Magdronu takes actions that are often typical for an “evil” character. However, he considers himself to be a dualistic counter-point to Eloch, a co-equal deity who has been kept from his natural prime position in the world as light and dark ebbs and grows. So to Magdronu, his conflict with Eloch arises from being withheld from taking his true place and that everything is out of balance as a consequence. To Magdronu, he must rise at some point and he seems “evil” but this is really just his nature and is no less valid than “good” on the part of Eloch.

So while Magdronu sees himself kept out of the balance of nature, he is stuck in a position of being cursed and unable to gain his prime position. Thus Magdronu must find a way to rise through the force of his will and the use of his magic. To this end, Magdronu sees Withlings as a force that thwarts him and he has tried to wipe them out as a way to gain influence.

But the question remains, how is Eloch able to hinder Magdronu so thoroughly? Thus we end up with a dwindling order of mystics, a prophecy against Magdronu, a mythic bow and someone intended to possess and use the Bow of Hart. Such is the background for the main character, Athson, who must discover his destiny.

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