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Fantasy Friday! Archery in The Bow of Hart Saga

Note: Fantasy Friday is a new feature for Archer’s Aim. This is a re-post, but for those interested, it’s useful. I’ll work on some new, fantasy-related posts to mix in with some of my older ones like this as well as some posts about new books in the coming months. Please feel free to share on social media or re-blog these posts. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Archery is prevalent on my site and in The Bow of Hart Saga and not by accident. The story is based upon a mystic bow and, later, the accompanying arrow. Archery is the theme of the series and something which I am well familiar. When it came to writing a fantasy series that heavily included archery, I didn’t have to go far for source material nor did I have to do much research.

In my younger days, I took a class on archery and actually was one of the better students, often scoring very highly during the class. During my time learning about archery, I not only became very familiar with with the action but all the associated tackle. I learned about the various kinds of bows used from antiquity and present day.

My training in archery included shooting by old sighting techniques rather than the use of modern sights. It’s a basic technique where you learn to gauge distance and aim accordingly while also judging the wind. Learning the to draw, hold and release an arrow without a sight can be complex but one that become second nature. I actually became fairly fast on the release and still remain consistent at hitting the bulls-eye.

But there are many aspects of archery that do not come into the story, at least much. The reason is that details can be boring unless they are relevant to the story. One might mention that strings need to be waxed or kept dry but are those important? Not really unless there is something important.

But using correct terminology can be important. I often read a fantasy where the author uses some sort of verbiage like, “fitted the arrow to the string” or something like that. When you put an arrow to a bowstring, it’s called nocking the arrow. Why is that important? Authenticity. It shows that the character is knowledgeable about archery.

I never spent much time on the actual details of archery but I did show that Athson and other characters where professional level as archers. The opening scene shows that Athson can shift targets easily and still hunt effectively. Later, Athson and Gweld use their skills while defending against trolls.

Incidentally, one of my faults as an archer is plucking the string on the release. It means I don’t smoothly extend my fingers and the result is a twang from the bowstring. This plucking isn’t good for several reasons, one being it throws off aim and the other is that it can alert animal while hunting. However, I never bow hunted so it’s not that big of deal. I really just enjoyed shooting in my spare time for a number of years.

Unfortunately, my days of shooting are likely over due to arthritis in my neck. A few years back, my daughter became interested and I went into the back yard to show her technique. It had been some years since I shot any arrows but I hit the bullseye twice in two tries. On the third try there was a painful twinge in my shoulder and I knew I was done. Nevertheless, my daughter was impressed with my ability to just pick it up and hit the bullseye.

Another day, I was visiting my father-in-law who had gotten a new compound bow. I use a recurve bow which puts more strain on the shoulder versus the modern pulleys of a compound bow that reduces resistance after the initial few inches of pull so an archer doesn’t have to expend strength holding the string and arrow to aim. This makes a compound bow more accurate along with a sight. My father-in-law suggested I give his new bow a try but the problem was I’m left-handed and he’s right-handed. But I was game to try anyway. I gave the string a few pulls to reverse my technique and then nocked an arrow (not quite the proper length for me either). I managed to score close to the bullseye three times in a row to impress both my daughter and my father-in-law since I was shooting with my opposite hand.

I’d like to get some additional treatment for my neck and maybe get back to archery sometime. I’ll probably have to switch to using a compound bow but that’s fine with me. I’d just like to get back to the activity since I enjoy the ballistics of archery so much. One related activity I’d also like to try is using a crossbow especially if I ever need to write about that in a book.

Thanks for stopping by to visit today. I’ll be back with updates soon. In the meantime, please leave your questions and thoughts in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Fantasy Friday! Dream Excerpt From The Bow of Destiny

bow of destiny

Note: Fantasy Friday is a new feature for Archer’s Aim. This is a re-post, but for those interested, it’s useful. I’ll work on some new, fantasy-related posts to mix in with some of my older ones like this as well as some posts about new books in the coming months. Please feel free to share on social media or re-blog these posts. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

A silhouette kneels and rocks, dark against the fire beyond it. A woman’s uneven voice chants:

“The bow shall be hidden from heart…”

The swaying speaker feeds wood into the fire. Sparks snap from the coals and whirl amid the orange-blue tongues. An arc forms in the smoke and fades into the stars.

“The eagle will guide the heir…”

An eagle’s scream pierces the night wind.

“The bow shall be found at need…”

Wrinkled hands tie a wad of cloth with string – a bowstring.

“And the arrow shall Eloch prepare.”

A shooting star streaks across the horizon and drags Athson’s attention from the crouching figure before the popping fire.

The eagle screams again – louder and nearer.

The figure half-turns and tosses the packet at Athson’s feet. He stares at it, then back to the kneeling woman. Her face half-lit by the firelight reveals a pointy nose that overshadows her receding jaw. Grizzled wisps of gray hair wave in the wind. “For you who suffers in silence for a secret.”

Athson stoops and inspects the package. He unties the knot and pushes the string into a pocket. Within the cloth he finds a tattered note and more fabric he guesses is a pennant.

“Zelma’s done it.” She gazes skyward and raises her arms.

“Why more now when so much has been taken already? Why me?” His anger flares and he tosses the packet away. “This isn’t mine.” He whirls and stumbles into darkness.

“He needs to see.” The woman’s voice screeches and slices through whistling wind.

The eagle’s deafening scream stabs his awareness as immense wings snap like a clap of thunder. Talons tear clothing, pierce flesh and snatch Athson into the air. He dangles and kicks as he yells while silver landscape yawns beneath him. The curious sound of joyous cackling trails into the distance.

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About the Author

P. H. Solomon lives in the greater Birmingham, AL area where he strongly dislikes yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, he performs these duties to maintain a nice home for his loved ones as well as the family’s German Shepherds. In his spare time, P. H. rides herd as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica not required). Additionally, he enjoys reading, running, most sports and fantasy football. Having a degree in Anthropology, he also has a wide array of more “serious” interests in addition to working regularly to hone his writing. The Bow of Destiny is his first novel-length title with more soon to come.

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A New Print Arrival! An Arrow Against the Wind

Hey gang! I hope everyone had a better time last week as conditions improve. It’s a fun day here as I turn the page on a new week and a new milestone for another book. An Arrow Against the Wind is officially in print. It’s wonderful to add the format to ebook and audio. This is long overdue since the print edition for The Bow of Destiny has been out for a while, so this one is a timely addition.

An Arrow Against the Wind has been out since 2017, but it has a much long history since a good portion of it was in the original manuscript for the series entitled, An Arrow Into the Wind. That manuscript garnered a contract offer from a small publisher which didn’t work out at the time. After a hiatus from writing for some years, I came back to writing and soon determined I’d cut my teeth on the content I had in hand, ready to go. After all, a publisher once offered a contract on it, right?

Wrong. Revisiting the manuscript revealed the holes and poor writing. However, I decided to revise the original manuscript which included splitting it in two parts and that first one became The Bow of Destiny. Returning to the content that became An Arrow Against the Wind proved somewhat daunting. I had some additional content for the original second book as well but it all needed heavy revision mixed with new writing. It also needed plot updates consistent with The Bow of Destiny.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Being out of a job at the time, I could dedicate the entirety of my efforts to the work and quickly completed it. This was a challenge, but having another book finished with an ongoing plot provided a lot of structure to help the work along. The hope was releasing the book and moving directly into The White Arrow that year of living without of a job.

I never felt comfortable marketing the book at the time since I was out of work and felt time was of the essence to complete the series. I don’t feel like I ever gave An Arrow Against the Wind the same effort with marketing as The Bow of Destiny, but this is a good time to highlight the book.

Surprisingly, An Arrow Against the Wind went on to win book of the year for 2017 from Fantasia Reviews, following in the footsteps of The Bow of Destiny. The first time was a huge surprise but the second time was even bigger in that regard. It was also satisfying to see the book gain some recognition since my ability to market it was stunted. So here it is stepping back to the plate with a print release!


Here’s more about the book:

Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Tossed like an arrow in the wind.

Athson discovered the unexpected during the search for The Bow of Hart. Yet the prophesied weapon remains hidden. Mysteries discovered during the quest draw him deeper into the peril. The flames of vengeance surge in his thoughts with new revelations.

Can he escape the traps of his enemies?

The dragon’s reach endangers even Athson’s companions in unexpected ways. His enemy wants the bow but his mentor claims it must be used according to prophesy. With each turn of the search for the bow, long-hidden secrets surface and Athson must find the bow or risk losing those dear to him. When the dragon gains an upper hand with the abduction of Limbreth, Athson is torn between destiny and desire.

But Athson seeks his own path.

Will he falter like an arrow against the wind?

Here’s some reviews of the book:

An Arrow Against the Wind stands out in the crowd. It is imaginative, yet familiar…. There is a care and quality to his work, a subtlety, in which he takes the things that we know and love and gives them back to us through his own imaginative lens. If the Bow of Destiny was a fresh take on a classic tale, An Arrow Against the Wind seeks to refine it all further still. Here, Mister Solomon has grown bolder, but wiser. Fantasia Reviews Announcement post

We have read more than a couple great books this year, and An Arrow Against the Wind is surely among them. – ★★★★★ Fantasia Reviews

You will not be disappointed reading this series. – ★★★★★

Here’s the direct print link for An Arrow Against the Wind on Amazon.

For those readers who prefer print, the last book of the series will arrive in print in July if all goes well. I hope you’ve enjoyed a bit of the history of this second book in The Bow of Hart Saga. Getting it to print has been a much longer path than I ever expected, much the same as The Bow of Destiny, but I’m pleased it’s here at long last.

Interested in The Bow of Destiny, feel free to view it at this link where all the formats are available.