Writing in the Age of Distraction

I schedule social media update time as a break when I’m working on my writing. I consider it a part of my writing goals. Just re-blogged on Archer’s Aim! Thx for a great post!

Evil Toad Press


All modern writers face the persistent distraction of the media culture, through social media, email, and every other facet of the digital age.  How do the pros keep themselves on track?  Most of the time, there’s no real secret: it always comes down to hard work, determination, and will power.  But occasionally, giving in to that urge to connect–much like allowing yourself a rewarding

“It doesn’t matter what social media you’re plugged into, or what’s going on,” counters Neil Gaiman. “At the end of the day, it’s still always going to be you and a blank sheet of paper, or you and a blank screen. My process as a creator is always the same. You write the thing you want to read. And you go on from there.”

“I have 2 million Twitter followers,” he says, “ but those 2 million followers are not going to do…

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