Scavenger Hunt Stop #5: Magdronu & Corgren

What’s a good book without antagonists? The Bow of Destiny has two main bad guys so let’s take a look:


As an “evil” character, Magdronu is rather interesting. He is a dragon but he’s almost a deity of sorts too. As such, Magdronu’s goals a different from the average dragon in an epic fantasy. He wants more than gold – or even just world domination. I won’t reveal all of his situation because he remains in the shadows and I need all three books to truly show all the back-story for the conflict. However, I think it’s suffice to say that Magdronu doesn’t see himself as evil. Instead, this dragon sees himself as a figure who must ascend to preeminence as a matter of the nature of the world. He believes that Eloch (the alternate deity to himself) is unwilling to give up his own preeminence. So Magdronu sees things in more of a yen/yang balance where events and dominance run in cycles. However, Magdronu has some limitations so not everything goes according to his plans.


If you’ve read either of my free prequel stories, then you know something of Corgren. Originally from the land of Rok, Corgren was a victim of the political control from the powerful houses of the land of Hart, his betrothed having been murdered by their men. Disaffected, Corgren and his brother, Paugren, attempted to make a living shipping on the Hart River and knife-fighting for prize-money. But through circumstance, they are threatened by more powerful forces so Corgren and his brother take an offer from a powerful figure (Magdronu) and learn magic. Later, they enter the Withling order in disguise as mystics in order to destroy them. As a wizard, Corgren possesses magic from Magdronu’s own powers and moves as the dragon’s agent to thwart Eloch’s plans any way possible. He’s been a part of many intrigues through several centuries (again his agelessness derived from Magdronu) and his actions directly affect Athson in a variety of ways. Like Magdronu, Corgren doesn’t see himself as evil, just aligned with the other side of balance that must ascend to power for it’s time.

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Scavenger hunt questions:

How does Magdronu view himself?

How did Corgren originally make living before following Magdronu?

If you have all your answers, let’s head back to the main page where you can put them in with your comments…



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