Sean F. Gallagher — Mixed Genre: Mixed Metaphor, Mixed MetaGenre?

I’ve enjoyed many of the books discussed in this post. Author Sean Gallagher discussed mixed metaphor and mixed genre over at epicfantasywriter. Reblogging on Archer’s Aim.

John Robin: an editor's ramblings

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming back a regular contributor to the EFW gang, Sean F. Gallagher. Sean is going to pick up the topic of genre cross-currents I kicked off last week. His debut novel Mysts of Mythos, in its final draft stage, spent some time with Inkshares but is now being developed independently. Check out his other contributions to EFW by clicking on his name above.

Bridge on the River Styx. A group of Greek soldiers, captured by the Persian army during the Battle of Thermopylae are brought to the shores of the famed river of death. The Persian general, grieving for his lost King wishes to cross the river with an army to force Hades to return his glorious ruler. Plucky hoplites use guile and wit to survive while plotting to destroy the bridge. Eventually they succeed and bring the bridge down, casting the remainder…

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