New Reviews for The Bow of Destiny Pt. 3

the-bow-of-destiny-by-p-h-solomonHello again, everyone. I’ve been busy this week working on my next book and scheduling editorial time. My editor has agreed to my intended schedule and is even flexible about it so I’m going to target finishing my work on or before Halloween. That being said, I’ll announce some details for readers to take part in the process next week.

For now, I’m just catching up on sharing some of the recent reviews for The Bow of Destiny. Looking for other recent reviews? Here’s Pt. 1 & Pt. 2. Today’s highlighted review arrived in late August and provides solid insight about the book:


If you’re a fan of dark fantasy who loves the world of elves, trolls, enchanted weapons and humans with mysterious destinies, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy this story. The imagery is vivid, characters convincing and story intriguing as you try to figure out if the main Book Cover Arrow Against The Wind Revised (2)character, Athson, is going crazy or just being manipulated by magical forces. Are his visions glimpses into another realm or bouts of insanity? The author has created a world that has all the substance of an unfolding epic fantasy. If you’re a serious fantasy fan, check it out!

That’s quite a nice review and really hits on the spirit of The Bow of Destiny as well as The Bow of Hart Saga as a whole. I really enjoy seeing these reviews and I’m pleased Marcha enjoyed reading the book.

Well, it’s back to work on An Arrow Against the Wind! Thanks for stopping by to read the post and check out my work. Feel free to browse around my other posts and share with others. I’ll try to get the blurb for the next book finished soon and share it as I know many readers a requesting more about what comes next.

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