I might have to check this series out after this review.

Navigators of Dune by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Andersonnavigators-of-dune

Genre: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Series: Schools of Dune #3

Publisher: Tor (September 13, 2016)

Authors Information: Website | Twitter Herbert
 Website | Twitter Anderson

Length: 416 pages

My Rating: 4 stars

Schools of Dune is the next step in the gradual evolution of the Dune universe.  Where Legends of Dune chronicled the great war between humankind and the “thinking machines” while spotlighting the origins of so many of the classic elements of George Herbert’s science fiction classic, this trilogy goes even further, detailing the rise of the Bene Gesserite Sisterhood, the origins of the Mentats, the creation of the Spacing Guild, and the continued escalation in the Atreides/Harkonnen feud.  All of which means that this is a book fans of Dune will find engrossing, entertaining, and a worthy addition to the sweeping Dune saga.

Shifting between numerous point of…

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