Your Book Is Like a Tech Start-Up, Part 1

Good feedback is important to authors before release. And yes, it is like a tech startup!


Writing a book is (mostly) a solitary endeavor. It can take years—even decades—just to finish a first draft. And even once that full manuscript is done, doubts linger. Is your book any good? Will readers like it? How will that manuscript rise to the top of an editor or agent’s slush pile? How will readers find out about it? Or, to put it simply:

How will your book stand out in a crowded market?

These are doubts worthy of any writer’s consideration, for two reasons:

  1. The rise of self-publishing means there are more books in the marketplace than ever before, but readers aren’t buying or reading more books. Except in extraordinary circumstances, book sales rarely see growth year over year.
  2. Writers are getting more savvy about the publishing process—and spending more money and time making sure their book is the best it can be before it ever gets published…

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