My New Assistant

How writing has been the past few weeks. Trying to get The White Arrow done soon. I’ve got this new assistant recently. He seems to have good ideas so far…

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    1. We found him by the road a few weeks ago with part of his ear bitten off. He was dehydrated and very small. He’s very happy now after some care and attention.

      1. OMG, you made my day. You old softie, you! You gave that cutie an HEA. I bet the “Sparks” you have love him!

    1. He’s a complete mess. We have a couch with a roll-away in it and he found a way to scurry into the back of it the other night like quicksilver. He got wound up and was gone in a blink. Gotta get some video of him running around. He’s so small it’s hilarious to watch him!

      1. I’ve been taking pictures and video of the puppies. They won’t be this way forever. They’re pretty popular videos on Facebook. (By my standards.)

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