Writing Question: Advice

Good question from Joan Hall today on Story Empire. The best advice I received was to use deep point-of-view in my writing. It worked out very well. Others are get a professional editor and invest in good cover artwork.

Story Empire

Hi SE, Readers. Joan here with you today. It’s time for another writing question and this month I have the honors.

It seems there is always someone willing to give their opinion on just about any subject. Writing is no exception. Sometimes what we hear is unsolicited, while other times we might seek the wisdom of others.

Often the advice we receive is good, but other times it is terrible. Whether or not we have sought counsel, we have to decide what (if anything) we’ll do with it.

I, for one, have received both good and bad advice in regards to writing. You probably have also. But for today, let’s think positive. Here goes:

What is the best piece of writing advice you have received and how did it help your writing career?

Okay, that’s really two questions but indulge me.  I’m willing to bet we can all share something…

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