The other path

How authors scheduled their time can vary. Read C. S. Boyack’s approach on Story Empire today.

Story Empire

Craig here today to talk about something most writers don’t discuss. We always write about our ongoing projects, maybe share a new trick we’ve picked up, that sort of thing.

Today, I want to talk about that other time in a writer’s life. I can only speak for myself, but I don’t constantly draft new material. When I do, I tend to hit it pretty hard, but I’m fast approaching that crossroads again.

Once I finish my draft, I’ll probably do some specific word searches and correct the simple errors before putting it away somewhere. I need distance to make my editing passes. This doesn’t mean I’m not working at the writing life, it’s just not drafting new material.

I have a cover and promotional artwork ordered, but won’t need it until it’s time to publish. The down time will give me some time to draft promotional posts. It may…

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