Interesting covers from a recent spate of buying at 2nd-hand venues…


Other (more accomplished) bloggers spend their Saturdays showcasing all the great goodies they have received from publishers.  Since I infrequently get those (and definitely do not receive enough to fill a whole blog post) I’ve decided to spend my Saturdays showcasing some of the cool books I’ve picked up recently from used book stores, thrift shops, and yard sales. (Oh, yeah, I love going to yard sales on Saturday mornings.  Fun stuff.)

This week I’ve got a treat in store for my brothers and sisters who love sword and sorcery, because I hit a mother lode on a recent trip to my local used bookstore, snagging enough reading material to keep me busy for weeks.


And if that wasn’t enough sword and sorcery, I was able to start obtaining physical copies of my favorite modern sword and sorcery series.  Wasn’t lucky enough to find all four books though, which was…

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