Day Off & Writing

Hi everyone! I’ve had the day off from my regular job today so I’ve been working on a variety of my writing goals today, though I haven’t been extremely pushy with myself about it all. We did have a waffle brunch at a local eatery which was different. I’m doing some editing for a book so I can get it to my editor soon. Also, I’ve been preparing some blog posts for Story Empire where I contribute. There’s also been a character interview I’ve been going over for an upcoming post on C. S. Boyack’s blog feature, Lisa Burton Radio. He also does an October series of stories called Macabre Macaroni and has the newest one posted already. Everything is moving along and I’m excited about another audio-book release coming later this month so I’m preparing a few posts on that topic.

The Bow of Hart Saga continues to be an amazing ride but I’m working hard on some new books to release as soon as possible. I’ll keep posting updates but if you want some in-depth information, consider joining my private Goodreads group (reader-fans only), Marston’s Station, where I will be sharing all kinds of fun news and snippets from my upcoming works. Just contact me with your Goodreads link by email or message me on Goodreads at my profile and I’ll send you the invite link. If you want to catch-up immediately, just read my latest post about working with an audio-book publisher.


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