Sounds like an interesting book and it’s good to know Bookwraiths made it through the recent hurricane!

Well, the last week has been a bit of a stressful time around my area.  Most of you have heard of Hurricane Michael.  Well, let’s just say it impacted my area very greatly.  Even though I’m almost 300 miles from where Michael came ashore, it was still a hurricane when it arrived at my home and had winds of up to 75 miles an hours with gusts greater than that.


Yes, it did feel like it was blowing just that hard.

Truly, it was quite the sight to see with huge trees ripped up like weeds, privacy fences blown across yards, power lines down sparking, and the wind roaring like a freight train on your front lawn.  Then when the eye of the hurricane passed directly over my town (Yeah, I can now brag I’ve been in the eye of the hurricane, baby!) the relative silence was damn ominous.  Really…

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