How to Use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Characterisation

Harmony Kent took a deep dive with this post about characterization on Story Empire. There’s quite a lot to use here, especially twisting up characters who seem actualized.

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Harmony here. Back in December, Craig Boyack wrote an excellent post on writing medium, which you can find HERE. When I read the post, it reminded me of how I use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help build in-depth characters. Here’s what I wrote to Craig in the comments …

What you say reminds me how closely fiction mirrors real life. We all live within a bigger picture, just that some of us are aware of it and some oblivious … all grist for the mill. One approach I use is to bring in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: when we’re scrabbling around at the very bottom of that triangle, desperate for food, water, warmth, shelter, and safety, then politics and higher aspirations don’t figure at all. And even that person at the very bottom is affected by the folks at the top. Using this approach helps me…

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