This is a good point shared by Marcia Meara on Story Empire – one of her observations about misused terms and phrases.

Story Empire

Hi, Folks! Marcia here, hailing you from central Florida where temps are starting to soar, and spring is tipping over into summer even as I type. So much for getting all my outdoor projects done before I can no longer bear to leave my air-conditioned house for anything more than a quick trip to the mailbox and back!

But heat or no heat, it’s time for another #WhyWriteWrong post, wherein I share some common errors I see popping up in books way more often than they should. These short posts are designed to help you avoid having these errors crop up in your own books. As a reader, these kinds of mistakes really jump out at me, pulling me out of the story long enough to think (or occasionally yell) “Noooo! That’s just wrong!”

As I writer, I know we always want to avoid anything that distracts our readers from…

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