Why Write Wrong?

Nice pairs of words contrasted by Marcia Meara from Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hi, Folks! It’s Marcia again, and since this is my only turn at bat for July, today’s Why Write Wrong post is another two-fer. (Just so you get your money’s worth, and all. 😊 )

As you may know, this feature is all about incorrect word usage, specifically for those times when a writer uses one word, but actually means something else. Everyone makes errors like this now and then, myself, included, but I know we all want to catch these things before sending our work out into the world. And that’s the goal of these posts. Consider them a narrowly-focused mini-peek into a dictionary, if you like.

Today, I’m going to start with a word I hear being misused just as often as I see it. Let’s take a look at what people frequently say or write, as opposed to what they really meant to say. The word being…

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