Overdue But Not Forgotten

Hey, everyone! I’ve been out of the loop on the blog for well over a month. June went by so fast that I didn’t even realize I skipped so many weeks. Work was so busy with emergency projects that I was exhausted and never even thought much about the blog. I’m long overdue on updates and developments as well as projects.

First, Curses Dark and Foul slid onto hold. There’s nothing wrong with anthology, I’ve just been behind and laser-focused on completing my revision of my new series as you’ll read below here. I still need to compile the anthology manuscript and complete formatting for an eBook which take some time. It’s next on my list of projects as soon as I complete my revision. Maybe I’ll have the release link for Curses Dark and Foul available next week if all goes well.

The print edition of The White Arrow has also been on hold while I’m revising my next novel. The print edition requires time to complete some changes because the front and back content for print will contain some differences to the eBook version. It won’t take terribly long but I prefer to complete the novel under construction first.

(Sigh), I’ve been running late on my revision of the Cursed Mage book which includes the Changeling Incident. Life has been busy and exhausting but I keep trudging along with the work. I’m nearing the end of the revision and hope (fingers crossed) I’ll send it over to my editor in the next week. The big deal is that I need to get this to my editor ASAP so she will have time to work on it before she goes on vacation in a few months. If it’s too late then the book won’t be completed in time to publish this year which is a primary goal of mine.

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There have been quite a few changes and additions for this revision which are time consuming to complete with my current schedule. This leads me to something I’ve been promising for a while but is finally ready for readers to see: an excerpt. I’m not ready to show this to the public yet, so I’ve chosen to put it into my private groups. If you want to read what I have so far, join my Goodreads private group, Marston’s Station and click on New Releases, then Cursed Mage, or try my Facebook private group, The Broken Bow Inn, and read the new excerpt.

That should be enough to catch everyone up on my current status. I’ll be back next week (I promise) with more updates and news about my progress. Hold my feet to the fire and ask me if I’ve been getting my revision completed. Thanks for stopping by today and feel free to leave your comments in the section below. Please keep the comments for the excerpt in the private groups.


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