Read But Not Forgotten: Fantasy

This is an interesting list of books from the past. Funny how we remember some books differently than when first read.

Swords & Spectres

This week on my (so far) weekly post of those books that I read and have stayed with me (for good or ill) since from that dark, near-lost to time period before I started blogging, is my fondest fantasy memories. This is proving to be a far harder series to keep up than I imagined. As it turns out, contrary to the title, I have forgotten a good deal of the books I read before blogging! So the title may end up changing to something like ‘Read, completely forgotten, but I know I loved it’ or something like that.

I’m currently really struggling to enjoy fantasy (I enjoyed the last one I read, but it took me 3 weeks to read a 380 page book. So I’d say I’m in a fantasy slump) unless it’s part of the Critical Failures comedy fantasy series (based on a group of gamers that…

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