The Unseen Hand – Cover Reveal

It’s here and it’s time to share the artwork for The Unseen Hand as the newest update for the upcoming book.

Once again, Chris Rawlins has done a magnificent job with the original artwork design.

Upcoming news for The Unseen Hand will include progress reports, the blurb, and a hard date for release of the book.


Interested in the first book of The Cursed Mage Case Files? The Order of the Dark Rose has just undergone a minor QA revision with a few changes to the print covers. It remains priced at 99 cents. Incidentally, I’m working on print for this book to also be distributed from Ingram Spark, but more on my print aspirations another day.

Find it at your favorite retailer.

Bonus: here’s a look at those updated print covers…


And here’s the hardcover:

Looking for more about the series?

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Read about magic gadgets in the book here for free (requires subscription, the link will get you there)

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