Reader Appreciation! The Bow of Hart Saga Specials @ph_solomon #Fantasy #EpicFantasy #SwordandSorcery

Reader Appreciation Specials For The Bow of Hart Saga Print Editions & Archer’s Aim Press Store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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The last few years, I have been not feeling very well at all. As such, I failed to offer any discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s changing this year and you are the beneficiary with a lot of price reductions from my print editions to 25% storewide at Archer’s Aim Press Store. Pricing changes and the 25% discount are good through Cyber Monday.

All Paperbacks reduced as follows:

The Bow of Destiny was $11.99 now $9.99

An Arrow Against the Wind was $15.99 now $13.99

The White Arrow was $15.99 now $13.99

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All Hard Cover Editions Reduced from $19.99 to $17.99

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Additionally, there’s a site-wide 25% discount at the Merch Store


Prices good through 11/28/2022

See It Now! The Bow of Hart Saga Special Edition Boxed Set @ph_solomon #epicfantasy #fantasy #swordandsorcery

The Bow of Hart Saga arrived in a special edition boxed set! See the new cover and details.

Hey everyone!

The Bow of Hart Saga arrived in a special edition boxed set and I’m proud to show it off here on Archer’s Aim. Here’s what’s in the boxed set.

About the Special Edition:

  • The complete editions of The Bow of Hart Saga novels in one e-book.
  • A new series cover for the boxed set.
  • Featured content about the series.
  • An excerpt from an upcoming novella to be published next year. It’s related to Denaria, the world in which these books are set.
  • An excerpt from The Order of the Dark Rose.
  • A comprehensive glossary of characters and places in the series.

The New Cover & More

Here’s the cover just for you. The set is on special throughout the holidays into 2023 at $6.99 which is at least a 30% discount off the full prices of the books together. This special edition version is only available until about mid-January at the latest, so grab it while you can. It will make a great Christmas Gift. After the special, the boxed set will revert back to the standard version. Meanwhile, have a look and share this post with every fantasy fan you know.

The Bow of Hart Saga Special Edition Boxed Set

More Gift Ideas!

But wait, there’s more news!. Visit my store to find items with artwork based on the books. I’m adding all kinds of stuff to the listings and I’m running a discount there too! Just use NOV15 for a 15% discount off any purchase. Seriously, this has got some nice gift potential too. If you want something you don’t see, just drop me a comment and I’ll see if your idea is available.

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Metadata for The Bow of Hart Saga:

Genre: Epic Fantasy/Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery

Sub-genre: Dragons, shapeshifter, magic, & more.

Number of books included in the boxed set: 3 – The Bow of Destiny, An Arrow Against the Wind, and The White Arrow.

What’s Not in this Edition:

Unfortunately, I was not able to create a print version due to the page limitations for creating a single edition on KDP. With pricing requirements, it will be hard to discount paperback and hard cover editions very much but I’ll take a look and post it on the site if I can. I do think I will have another surprise with this boxed set, so follow this site to receive further announcements and all the regular posts.

Not familiar with The Bow of Hart Saga? No problem. Just click this link to visit the series page on this site where you can view information about the books, the FAQ page and more.

About the Author:

I’ve always been a fantasy geek. Books by authors like Tolkien, McCaffrey, McKillip and more stoked my imagination on frosty winter nights as much as the fireplace warmed my limbs. Now I love writing my own fantasy tales. My imagination merges with my sense of everyday courage as I tell stories about characters challenged by life as they discover they matter. My background in anthropology mingles with my fantasy settings as my characters seek truth beyond their quests and adventures. Join me on the fantasy path and let’s share a book at the fire.

You can connect with me at my P. H. Solomon Linktree.

Don’t forget to follow this site and share this post with other readers!

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In Memorium to the Real Spark #2: Chloe’s Passing

Longtime followers of this site will remember that Spark is based on two of my German Shepherd dogs. The one who talked with his tail was named Sam and he died in 2019. Last week, our old female shepherd named Chloe passed away of old age. Both dogs were very intelligent in their own ways so they were special to us.

Chloe was always rowdy, learned quickly, and was diligent as a backyard guard. She was something of a gourmand, preferring special food, especially chicken and rice. She also loved puzzle toys for dogs, was always ready for a trip anywhere (though she did not like water), and loved chasing geese at a nearby private lake (she never caught one, but loved the chase).

Chloe’s mother was a real German police dog so she had a few things she would not do including play fetch. She would chase the ball and pick it up but never return it. She was always the warning barker and very alert for aggression.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we first acquired Chloe as a puppy, she was very serious. We always said she didn’t unpack her bags for about a year. It was that long until she actually wagged her tail when we arrived home. But Chloe always loved attention as well as playing.

Her way of playing was to charge me and try to take me down with a snarl. She was just playing and never did anything, but she loved acting like she was much bigger than fifty-five pounds. We thought she was very rough, so we took our time getting her to socialize with people which she figured out. In the end, she loved visitors as long as she knew them herself or knew that we welcomed someone into the house.

While Sam was the one who talked with his tail and got a lot of attention in blog posts and my newsletter, Chloe was the “face” of Spark. She was an almost perfect model for the color of Spark’s coat as pictured on the book covers. Have a look at the carousel of pictures of Chloe if you have a chance.

Chloe’s passing was not unexpected like Sam’s since she was aging and struggling with hip troubles. She seemed to have chosen her place. Last week, she wanted out during some very nice weather, appearing very energetic and lively. I checked on her often since she usually wanted in soon after going outside. But she liked the weather which was sunny with very mild temperatures and some nice breezes, so she stayed out for several hours on Monday. Last Tuesday, she wanted out again and I checked on her several times. She seemed content, unconcerned with coming inside the house. But when I checked on her about 2PM, I found she had passed away in her sleep amid the shade and the gentle breeze on the back deck. Here’s to Chloe and her faithful, exuberant spirit – RIP.