Basic Plots: Rebirth

A well-written blog today about plotting rebirth of a character by Staci Troilo over on Story Empire.

Story Empire

SpringHappy Spring! Despite what the groundhog said, yesterday marked the end of winter. On the calendar, anyway. With the strange weather patterns we’ve been having, it’s anyone’s guess what the next few weeks will bring.

But the concept of spring conjures images of blooming flowers, budding trees, growing grass. Animals migrating north or coming out of hibernation. Melting snow, April showers, flowing waters. In short, ideas of renewal and rebirth.

On Monday, March 12, Joan’s post touched on the premise that there are only so many plots in the world, and every story is a variation of one of those few. Christopher Booker even wrote a book on it (conveniently enough called The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories). One of his plot types? Rebirth.

Baby in nestI thought it was only fitting to explore that today.

In its simplest form, rebirth is the positive conversion of a character.


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