Writing Update and Cover Decisions

Hi everyone! This isn’t a normal new post day for me but I thought I’d slide a few writing updates into the schedule today. I’ve started working with Podium in earnest, sending over my manuscripts for the publisher to begin preparing a script. We’re also working on cover art which I intend to share as soon as I can. Additionally, I’m writing a some further background to assist with the audio development. I’m sure we’ll begin discussion about narrator and I’ll soon have a sample to hear. It will be very exciting as things progress.

I’m also hard at work on new books. I continue work on my secret works that are under proposal, however, I’ve started some side work on The Broken Shield Chronicles. I’ve made a few changes in my approach and decided I may write the series as a LitRPG. I’m still considering the change so I’ll let everyone know when I feel like I’ve got a good grasp of how to best develop the series.

Since this series is about a knight and it’s a bit shorter, I’ve considered using a pre-made cover. This one captured my eye as well as a few others. Covers like this are actually pretty good for a series on a low budget like this one will be. Of course, that isn’t the actual title of the first book. What do you think? I’ll share a few more of these over the next few weeks, then maybe run a poll just to get some opinions.

That’s all for today. Thanks for taking time to read the update. Would you read a LitRPG series? Let me know your answer in the comments.

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  1. Pre-mades can be tweaked pretty inexpensively too. Ilike this one, but have to agree with Craig. I think the guy with his back to the “camera” should be reworked.

    Can’t wait to see the other ones you’re considering!
    Good luck with all your projects!

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